Mental health and suicide as a taboo subject in South Asian communities

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Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.17.35Ten years. That’s how long it took Maria Zahra to come forward about her mental health to her family and to be diagnosed. 

The 23-year-old from Manchester discovered she has borderline personality disorder, which affects most of her relationships with people including her family. Her situation is difficult but at least now she no longer needs to suffer in silence.

But she was not alone in taking so long to ask for help.


The taboo of mental illness is still strong – and particularly where those suffering are from minority ethnic groups. A white person is two times more likely to seek help than a person of black or Asian ethnicity, according to NHS figures.

Maria said: “It is  a very conservative culture so people of South Asian background tend to not really speak about their mental health; unless you know about it and have dealt with it in some…

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Attitudes towards sex and British Asian Men.

The second, a life of sexual gratification and temptation. A life which allows for them to explore sex and sexuality more openly, allows for them to take advantage of ‘immoral white girls who are asking for it’.