Reckless Existence: Borderline Personality Disorder

It all makes sense now, everything has fallen into place. Yet this puzzle is still incomplete. I've not even begun to piece it together...


Dangers of Social Media

Social media. An ever-growing network for people to create content, share information, connect, and even make a living for themselves through the various platforms/applications. Whilst it is an incredible system that is becoming essential for personal and professional usage, the risks are still very much present. Though, so many of us are still dismissive of … Continue reading Dangers of Social Media


As this year comes to an end, I look back and for the most part I want to forget 2018 ever happened. The beginning of the year, I felt invincible. It really seemed like a turning point in my career, my relationships, my health and my faith. The 12 months to come were going to … Continue reading Reflection


Horizontal lines So beautiful Those pretty marks So wonderful Tattooed forever A constant reminder. The memories, Those awful dark times Will always play. But this is my prize. I simply cannot throw it away. As I glance at it, the pain cuts through me The hurt washes over me . Drowning. Suffocating. I hold it … Continue reading M A R K E D

Untold Truth

I need your help. I need you to understand. But I am scared. Unlettered and unspoken, forgive me...

Conflicting Reality

This is me I'm that girl staring back It's a distortion, A figment of my imagination. No, this isn't me. But it's real and it exists. How could it possibly be fabricated? It isn't fictitious. It's genuine. A smile so infectious A blank expression Body present Eyes vacant Life absent The mind, it screams. Poison … Continue reading Conflicting Reality

Attitudes towards sex and British Asian Men.

The second, a life of sexual gratification and temptation. A life which allows for them to explore sex and sexuality more openly, allows for them to take advantage of ‘immoral white girls who are asking for it’.

A note to the ones closest to me

Sometimes things happen, certain incidents and illnesses take hold. And we react different ways. A lot of things have happened in the last couple years. As a result, I've found myself stuck in a place of uncertainty within religion. We all struggle with religion. No one is religious. We just seem to be like that … Continue reading A note to the ones closest to me


I relapsed. Again.   Recovery isn't easy and certainly won't come overnight. Every single day is a battle - a long and exhausting process, especially when going it alone. It all seems fine. Everyone thinks you're okay. You, yourself think you're okay until one day you're not. Suddenly you're trapped within the darkness of your … Continue reading R E L A P S E

Time (Part II)

Aged 20 I had the world in the palm of my hands Yet everything around me broke down I saw the future, plans set in motion Yet the first step hadn't even been taken My presence had a lasting impression Yet I myself wasn't always there I made up my mind. It was all my … Continue reading Time (Part II)